Press and Reviews

One of the most exciting events. . .is the re-emergence of TOSOS, originally founded in 1974 by Stonewall veteran Doric Wilson. – Bacalzo,

Talk about a prodigy. The infant TOSOS II ran before it could crawl. — Marcus, Gay City News

Off-Off Broadway at its finest. — Hurst, NEXT magazine

TOSOS II is proving to be the little theater group that can. . .In gay theater circles, the year’s biggest news was the return of The Other Side of Silence, the nation’s first professional gay troupe. . .Its reading series, Look Again!, almost instantly established the troupe as the leading light of New York gay theater. . .I can hardly wait to see what this gay theater brain trust has in store. —Warman, HX magazine

One of the pleasanter aspects of living in the city is discovering a hidden treasure, be it food, entertainment or fun. In this case, it’s theater, specifically TOSOS, a revived company dedicated to edgy gay plays. — Weinstein, New York Blade