Very Important People

Mark Finley: Artistic Director
Barry Childs: Executive Director
Kathleen Warnock: Director, Chesley/Chambers Series
Doric Wilson: Founder (in memoriam)
Billy Blackwell (in memoriam)
John Wallowitch (in memoriam)

Honorary Board

Paul Adams: Artistic Director, EAT (Emerging Artists Theatre), NYC
Beth Allen: talent manager
Richard Barr: producer (in memoriam)
Billy Blackwell: actor; cabaret star (in memoriam)
Chuck Blasius: playwright, director, producer
Phil Bond, writer, performer, producer
Stephen J. Bottoms: author, Playing Underground
Victor Bumbalo: playwright, Niagara Falls, etc.
Charles Busch: actor, playwright, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, etc.
Frank Calo: producer, director
David C. Carnevale: Managing Director, Theatre Out (Fullerton, CA)
Lodi Carr, jazz singer
David Carter: author, Stonewall
Julianne Clark: author, Y nunca te he de olvidar
David A. Crespy: author, Off-Off-Broadway Explosion, etc
Howard Cruse: cartoonist, graphic artist, Wendell, etc.
Elizabeth Curione, editor
Damian: writer, director
Peter Del Valle: playwright, lyricist, Lovers, etc.
Michael Denneny: editor
David Drake: actor, playwright, The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me, etc.
Linda Eisenstein: playwright, Zombie Grrrlz from the Crypt, etc.
Paul Foster: playwright, Tom Paine, etc.
Bruce-Michael Gelbert: journalist
Ethan Geto: veteran gay activist
Shay Gines: actress, producer, IT Awards
John Glines: playwright, producer, Torchsong Trilogy, etc.
Stephen Greco: writer, media executive
John Guare: playwright, House of Blue Leaves, etc
Paul Harris, playwright
Bernie Hart, producer, Broadway stage manager (in memoriam)
Robert Heide: playwright, The Bed, etc.
Rick Hinkson: bon vivant
William M. Hoffman, playwright, As Is, librettist, The Ghosts of Versailles, etc.
Thomas Honeck: Artistic Manager, The Duplex Cabaret Theatre
John Paul Hudson, performer; song; writer; veteran gay activist (in memoriam)
Keith Kahla: editor
Bill Kaiser: the Purple Circuit
Arnie Kantrowitz: writer, veteran gay activist
Robin & Steve Kaufman, connoisseurs
Ronnie Kroell: activist, journalist
Jim A. Landé: Executive producer, BearCity; producer Slap&Tickle Provincetown
Dr. Penny M. Landau: President, Maya PR
Lorraine Larson, educator (in memoriam)
Robert E. Lee III, President of the Board, American Opera Projects
Dick Leitsch, president, the Mattachine Society, 1965-1972
Ralph Lewis, Peculiar Works Project
Joan Lipkin: playwright; Artistic Director, That Uppity Theatre Company (St. Louis)
Jane Lowry: actress, poet
Craig Lucas: playwright, screen writer, director
Ian Marshall: director; publisher, United Stages
Loribeth Marshall: actor; publisher, United Stages
Marshall W. Mason: director; founder, Circle Repertory
Patrick Merla: editor
Brian Merriman: Artistic Director, International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival
Andrew Kain Miller: actor, The People’s Theater of Chicago
Robert Neblett: Artistic Director, Inevitable Theatre Company (Dallas, TX)
Ann Northrop: journalist
James Orange: casting director, London
Michael Paller:  Robert Chesley Awards
Pat Patterson: actor
Robert Patrick: playwright, T-Shirts, etc.
Harvey Perr: playwright, The War Widow, etc
Felice Picano: writer, publisher
Susan Marie Pierson: operatic soprano
Catherine Porter, Peculiar Works Project
Everett Quinton: actor
Jonathan Reuning: playwright; publisher, United Stages
Yvonne A. Ritter, Stonewall veteran
Barry Rowell, Peculiar Works Project
Steve Schemmel: actor; producer; journalist
Robert Schanke: author, Shattered Applause: The Lives of Eva Le Gallienne, etc.
Jordan Schildcrout: professor, Ohio University
Jack Schlegel: board, Out Professionals
Brian Sloan: author, filmmaker: WTC View
Susi Seeburger Thiss: actress
Teri Sheridan: actress
Sarah Shulman: writer, Rat Bohemia
Wendell Stone: author, Caffe Cino
Richard Taddei: artist
Steven Thornburg, Spotlight On Productions
Eileen T’Kaye: actress, producer
Francine L. Trevens, director; author; publisher: TnT Classic Books
John Wallowitch: composer, musician (in memoriam)
Phillip Ward: Crisperanto: The Quentin Crisp Archives
Patricia Nell Warren: novelist, The Front Runner, etc.
Don Weise: publisher, Alyson Books
Jerry West, actor; producer (in memoriam)
Edmund White: novelist, A Boys Own Story, etc
Lanford Wilson: playwright, The Fifth of July, etc (in memoriam)
Marc Wolf: actor, writer
David Zellnik (playwright, YANK!)
Joseph Zellnik (composer, YANK!)
Wendy Zilka, writer